Aquafinesse SpaClean Puck for Whirlpools and Hot Tubs

Thoroughly cleans your spa from the inside out! Environmentally Friendly

Aquafinesse SpaClean Puck for Whirlpools and Hot Tubs

Thoroughly cleans your spa from the inside out! Environmentally Friendly
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Product Description
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Product Description

For use in your Whirlpool/ Hot tub/Spa as a deep clean flush cleaner. 
The AquaFinesse SpaClean Puck product cleans thoroughly removing debris and calcium from inside piping and pumps. 

A clean system ensures easy maintenance and reduces the need for harsh chemicals such as surface cleaner, etc.
Water remaining in your spa from the manufacturing process or if you spa has not been used for a longer period of time, can create debris and calcium to firmly attach to the walls and pipe work within the system. Historically this has proved very difficult to remove, even when using the harshest of chemicals. But it's no longer a problem, the AquaFinesse Spa Clean Puck will thoroughly rinse the system by loosening the ground on debris and calcium deposits from deep within the spa.

Suitable for Hot Tubs/Spas and Whirlpool/Jacuzzi Style baths

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How to use AquaFinesse SpaClean Puck - Hot Tubs & Spas
Your Spa will need to be emptied every 3 months, this is the perfect time to use the AquaFinesse Spa Clean Puck to deep clean your pipework and surfaces.
With the water still in the spa, open all valves, jets, blowers, water falls etc. 
(high water temperature is not necessary)
AquaFinesse's 'Award Winning' Spa Clean Treatment
Thoroughly cleans your spa from the inside out!
Environmentally Friendly, Removes Slime, Grime and Calcium from your spa, it's pipe work and equipment.Perfect for:
Deep cleaning the interior and pipe work of your spa during the 3 monthly water change over. Also ideal for use when treating a new spa or swapping over from traditional sanitiser's to AquaFinesse

Instructions for use: - Hot Tubs
1.Raise the chlorine level in your spa to around 3ppm before beginning the deep clean process
2.Dissolve the Spa Clean Tablet by adding it directly to your spa water ensuring first that all jets and air valves are set on the open position.
3.Activate pumps on full power for 20 minutes to allow a good flow *
4.Repeat the pump activation process at least 2 - 3 times during the deep clean. Recommended treatment time is 12-24 hours.
5.Once the treatment is complete remove and clean filters, empty your spa and refill with fresh tap water, add a chlorine shock.
6.Resume maintenance with AquaFinesseTM hot tub water treatment

Instructions for use- Whirlpool Baths
1. To save water you may add the Spa Clean treatment tablet directly to the water after bathing.
2. Once dissolved, activate the jets and air blowers for a minimum of 10 minutes.
3. Leave the treated water in the bath overnight.
4. In the morning reactivate the jets for a 20 to 30 minute period.
5. Empty the bath and refill with fresh water and activate the jets once again.
6. For best results follow with the addition a Pure-Spa Whirlpool Sanitising tablet or a small amount of Spa chlorine granules (available separately - follow instructions on the pack) then rinse the pipe work thoroughly, you may use cold water if you wish.
6. Your whirlpool bath has now been deep cleaned and is ready for use. 

Do not use the bath during the cleaning process.
Your whirlpool bath should be deep cleaned following the above process every three months.

Customer Reviews
Questions & Answers
Customer Reviews

Very pleased with the product, it is very efficient and easy to use.

Reviewed by k nuttall

excellent service and product

Reviewed by stuart schofield
Many thanks for your review!
Response from Alice

Does the job, deep cleans which is necessary when you do a total clean out.

Reviewed by l connor
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Questions & Answers

Is the Puck reusable or can it be used only once?

Asked by Mrs J Zikking
The Spa puck is one treatment, it dissolves completely.
Response from Rosie

Do i need to buy a degreaser as well as a Aquafinesse deep clean puck for my whirlpool bath

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