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Microfibre Interior Dusting Mop Tool - length 66cm

Lightweight, slender and flexible flat-bladed dusting mop with fitted blue microfibre dust cloth - ideal for reaching into narrow and hard to reach spaces.

Size of dusting blade - 44cm x 7.5cm

Plastic handle

£5.99 (Inc VAT)
QF: 5080
2 In StockSame day dispatch if ordered by 14:00
Antiquax Quick Polish 250ml

Quick Polish is a silicone based, wax free polish. It will not build up or smear.

£0.99 (Inc VAT)
QF: 3329
RRP: £5.99
DiscontinuedPlease see alternatives
Homeserve Home Care Kit
Hard surface cleaning
  • Complete home care kit
  • Includes Stone cleaner & protector
  • Hard surface cleaner & degreaser
  • Gloss/Matt polish
£19.99 (Inc VAT)
QF: 2859***
RRP: £35.50
Special Order ItemLead time to be confirmed
Liberon Garden Furniture Cleaner - Wood - 1Litre

Ideal for cleaning old, tired and dirty wooden garden furniture and natural decking which has dulled and faded over time.

  • Removes dirt, mildew and grime from exterior wood.
  • Eliminates food stains and grease marks.
  • Water based formula.
£4.99 (Inc VAT)
QF: 3320
RRP: £29.99
DiscontinuedPlease see alternatives
Rustin's Scratch Cover & Polish for Medium Wood - 125ml

Scratch Cover will mask unsightly surface scratches

£2.49 (Inc VAT)
QF: 3328
RRP: £4.99
Special Order ItemLead time to be confirmed
Wheelers Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish Spray - 300ml
Cleanses, nourishes & protects all types of wood
£3.49 (Inc VAT)
QF: 7492
RRP: £5.25
Out of Stock Lead time to be confirmed
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