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Please note that we try to give general advice, this may not be specific to your spa or hot tub so please always check with the equipment manufacturer first.

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How to clean porcelain, enamel, chrome and stainless steel
Cramer Email-Star was designed for daily and environmentally friendly cleaning and care and is acid-free. It cleans based on a combination of the right detergent with a special polishing compound.Matched to the exact hardness grade of ceramic and enamel surfaces, lime deposits, discolouration and tough stains are easily removed without damaging the surface.
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How to clean an acrylic bath
The advanced composition of the cleaning and polishing compounds in the Acryl Star satisfies both demands
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Will a similar filter fit my Hot Tub
In many cases a filter which is 5 to 10mm bigger, either in height or diameter will fit into the receiver of your hot tub.
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How to maintain your Spa Filter Cartridge
Pleatco Filters are designed to keep your hot tub water crystal clear for up to twelve months when used in conjunction with a proper maintenance regime
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Why do I need to flush out my Hot Tub pipework?
Hot tub pipe-work can accumulate an amazing amount of unhygienic matter such as body oils, general grime and biofilm that build up over time.
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