Leather Master Hi-Tech Soft Cleaner Wipe

Single Wipe - Cleans dirt & stains on all leathers except nubuck & suede

Leather Master Hi-Tech Soft Cleaner Wipe

Single Wipe - Cleans dirt & stains on all leathers except nubuck & suede
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Product Description
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Product Description

Leather Master Soft Cleaner Wipe (1 single wipe)
Cleans most common dirt and stains.
Soft Cleaner wipes contains a delicate detergent that does not alter the original properties of your leather or its finish. It can be used on all types of leather except nubuck and suede. Soft Cleaner is especially suitable for cleaning leather armchairs, sofas, seats, shoes, handbags and clothing.

It is essentially a disposable wipe steeped in a delicate, protective detergent emulsion and packaged in a practical sachet.
The product is ready for use inside the packet: there is no need for any preliminary preparations.
The wipe is made of a soft, but strong fabric that safeguards the surface of the leather.

Easy Leather Care wipes are a new system for applying the Leather Master products developed by the Uniters Research Centre.
The Easy Leather Care system offers two advantages. It is Easy to use & Quick to take effect

Suitable For:
Leather types A - P 

Leather Soft Cleaner can be used on many different articles of leather, from sofas, chairs and car interior to clothes, shoes & handbags. It works on all colours of leather and all different grain types. 

Type A - Aniline Leather Also called Natural, Pure, Naked or Unprotected 
Very delicate leather, it will absorb stains very easily so should always be protected. 
These leathers are coloured with transparent dye stuff.  This means that you are able to see the actual surface grain and markings.
Type P - Pigmented Leather  - Also called Finished, Semi-aniline, Everyday, Pigmented or Painted 
The leather may be buffed (corrected) to reduce heavy natural scarring and blemishes in the hides. It is then coloured with a coating opaque pigments and embossed with grain pattern. Pigmented Leather displays good light fastness, good resistance to stains and is therefore the easiest to maintain.
These leathers have combined the best aspects of a natural product (leather) and have utilized tannery technology to create a product that is more uniform in appearance and colour (due to the application of pigments to the surface).  It then has a finish applied to the surface that makes the leather more resistant to the effects of heavy use.

What's different about Leather Master Soft Cleaner?
Most other leather cleaners contain solvents like alcohol or mineral spirits. These types of cleaners will definitely clean, but also will attack either the finish or dry the Leather out.
Leather Master Leather Soft Cleaner is solvent free and works without removing finish or harming the Leather. 
The only time that Leather Soft Cleaner could remove color or change the Leather is under the following circumstances:
1. If the Leather is not colorfast to any type of liquid. You can test this by wetting a soft, white cloth with distilled or purified water and wiping the Leather. If color comes off on the cloth from only purified water, the Leather Soft Cleaner or anything else will also remove color.
2. If the Leather Soft Cleaner appears to have darkened the Leather, it is extremely absorbent.
The Leather has shrunk. The Leather has not gotten darker, but each dot of color has gotten closer together, thus giving the appearance of becoming dark. 
All you need to do is to stretch the Leather by pulling it in all directions.  You will see the color lighten.

More Info

General Overview - How to care for leather

  1. When the leather is new Leather Master Protection cream or leather master starter protection cream should be applied, this will help prevent staining and make the leather easier to maintain and keep clean.
  2. Once a week the leather should be dusted with a dry duster, if the dust is left to build up when the leather is used the dust can act as abrasive that will deteriorate the surface of the leather.
  3. Once a month the leather should be wiped over with a damp cloth, this will remove more stubborn soiling that the weekly dust does not remove.
  4. Once every 3 months or more frequently if the leather has become soiled a thorough maintenance clean should  be undertaken. We recommend cleaning with Leather Master Soft Cleaner, and then when the leather is clean the leather should be retreated with Leather Master Protection Cream.
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