Textile Master CarpetCare Kit

For emergency cleaning & removal of stains from carpet around your home

Textile Master CarpetCare Kit

For emergency cleaning & removal of stains from carpet around your home
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Product Description
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Product Description

CarpetCare Kit ( previously SOS Carpet Stain Remover Kit)

The ultimate carpet care product. As used by professionals worldwide.

CarpetCare is a must-have for every home! Use it to tackle even tough stains on carpets or rugs with ease.

CarpetCare provides emergency cleaning & removal of stains from carpet around your home.  This kit contains 3 products for removing any stains from all rugs and fitted carpets. Extremely effective on new and old stains. Eliminates stains from drinks, fruit juices, food, sauces, urine, blood, vomit, shoe polish, markers, chewing gum, etc.

1 spray 500ml Carpet Stain Away
1 bottle 300ml Carpet Stain Remover S
5 x 5g sachet Carpet Ox Cleaner
1 spray 125ml (empty) to use with Carpet Ox Cleaner
2 Soft Cloths
2 Sponges
1 Brochure

More Info

Carpet Stain Away
Water-based product for removing most fresh stains: 500 ml
Carpet Stain Away is a water-based product for removing most fresh stains. Eliminate stains from drinks, fruit juices, food, urine, vomit, etc. 

Carpet Stain Remover Strong
Removes soil and greasy stains: 300 ml
Carpet Stain Remover S is a non-flammable solvent. 
Efficiently removes general soiling and greasy stains including cooking oil, tar, shoe polish, wax, chewing gum as well as certain polymer-based stains like paint, glue, and lacquer. 
This solvent can be used in conjunction with water-based products. 

Carpet Ox'Cleaner

Eliminates stubborn stains 50 g
Carpet Ox Cleaner is a powder for dissolving in hot water (2 coffee spoons of powder to 100 ml water). Eliminates stubborn stains like tannin, red wine, drinks, fruit juice, green vegetables, sauce, pizza, fruit, coffee, tea, protein-based stains such as milk, egg, body fluids, urine, vomit, etc. 
Can be used on all types of fibre including wool and silk

Always test each product in an inconspicuous area before use. Clean using gentle circular movements, never rub aggressively. If the white cleaning cloths pick up colour or the appearance of the carpet changes do not continue.


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