Tried and Tested - Siege Glass & Ceramic Hob Cleaner

Posted on March 28th 2012 in News
Tried and Tested - Siege Glass & Ceramic Hob Cleaner

Here at Life & Home we've found the best way to stand behind a product is to use it ourselves. This helps us to make sure all of our products will live up to your expectations.
Trying the products ourselves means we can always advise you confidently about a product and how well it performs.

We have just taken delivery of a new range of kitchen cleaners by Siege.
Siege is a family business in the USA dedicated to providing the finest earth friendly cleaning and polishing products. They use natural and environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

I picked the 'Siege Glass & Ceramic Hob Cleaner' to try out at home.

Initial Impression:
Finally a product that promises to shift those stubborn burnt on stains from my gloss black ceramic hob without scratching or damaging the surface.
I was keen to give it a try.

The problem - Burnt on stains
Despite being quite fastidious about wiping over my ceramic hob after each use, it seems impossible for me to avoid the odd cooking spill or splash which always seem to result in a smouldering, burnt on stain that welds itself to the glossy black surface.

In fear of scratching my pride and joy I have so far avoided too much scrubbing or scraping with one those special blades and my hob is now starting to lose its appeal after only a few months.

Does Siege Ceramic Hob Cleaner really work?
Well, after waiting for the hob to cool down I set to work on tackling the burnt on stains.
I was pleasantly surprised, using a damp microfiber cloth to apply the product in circular motions this cleaner made light work of those stubborn marks & they vanished within a few minutes & with just a little bit of effort. I was really impressed, a quick buff with a soft dry cloth and my hob looks like new!

How does it work?
It is obviously slightly abrasive, which helps when it comes to shifting burnt on grime. The product itself has a fine grainy consistency & the bottle suggests wearing gloves to protect your skin so I suspect it contains an acidic ingredient to break through the grease and grime.
It seems to gently polish the surface restoring the original shine & gloss.

When to use
Siege Glass & Ceramic Hob cleaner is obviously not meant for daily cleaning, it's more of a powerful cleaner to use on an occasional basis, but is by far the best product I have tried for removing stubborn stains & giving your hob a lift.


  • Easy to use & it does exactly what it says on the bottle
  • Removes burnt & baked on stains
  • Does not scratch the surface
  • Leaves behind a brilliant shine!
  • Earth Friendly ingredients


  • You are advised to use gloves because some of the ingredients may be irritating, but that not really a big deal.

- A little goes a long way & the results are impressive

I think in summary this is a must have product if you have a glass/ceramic hob that needs bringing back to its former glory.
Its very effective and I am extremely pleased with the results.
Available at Life and Home £8.00 - Click here to see product listing

Reviewed by Rosie

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Tried and Tested - Siege Glass & Ceramic Hob Cleaner
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Tried and Tested - Siege Glass & Ceramic Hob Cleaner
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Tried and Tested - Siege Glass & Ceramic Hob Cleaner
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