Tried and Tested - HG Rapid Stainless Steel Cleaner

Posted on September 11th 2012 in News
Tried and Tested - HG Rapid Stainless Steel Cleaner

I picked the HG Rapid Stainless Steel Cleaner to try out at home.
300m £6.99

Initial Impression:
Promises to quickly and easily remove grease and fingerprints from stainless steel surfaces leaving a clean, streak free fininsh.
To be honest i was not expecting miracles, until now I have been reasonably satisfied with a spritz of detol kitchen cleamer or plain old soapy water!
I was keen to find out what id been missing and wanted to try it on my stainless steel kitchen bin that always seems a bit dull and streaky and my stainless range cooker splash back which is looking a bit patchy.

The problem - Dull, smudgy, streaky stainless steel surfaces
My kitchen bin always looks a bit streaky no matter what I clean it with & my splash back on my range cooker is patchy, and smeary from being wiped over with normal kitchen cleaners.

Does it work?
I was pleasantly surprised by this product, a light mist of the spray quickly brought my stainless surfaces up a treat.
I used a soft microfiber cloth & wiped with the grain of the stainless and i was really pleased with the finished result.
My bin looks great & my splash back is gleaming.
I'd recommend giving the surface a bit of an extra clean first if there are any bad stains or grease deposits and then use the Stainless steel cleaner afterwards to get a nice even sheen. I have now been round ny whole kitchen and cleaned the toaster & kettle too. Its great.

Value - A little goes a long way & the results are impressive & its easy and quick to use.

I think in summary this is a really good product, its much more effective than using normal kitchen cleaners that are not really designed for stainless steel.
Now I know about this one I will use it regularly and there is no excuse to have lack lustre appliances.
It's very effective and I am extremely pleased with the results. My splash back looks almost like new.

Available at Life and Home £6.99 - Click here to see product listing

Reviewed by Rosie

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Tried and Tested - HG Rapid Stainless Steel Cleaner
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Tried and Tested - HG Rapid Stainless Steel Cleaner
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Tried and Tested - HG Rapid Stainless Steel Cleaner
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