Pure-Spa, essential products for your whirlpool bath

Posted on April 27th 2010 in News
Pure-Spa, essential products for your whirlpool bath

A whirlpool, spa or Jacuzzi bath is a lovely way to relax and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy in your own home. But did you know that it’s essential to keep the jet & pipework system in tip-top condition?

Without regular cleaning, soaps and body oils can build up in the pipework and pump, leading to problems with bacteria breeding over time. Fortunately we have the solution: Pure-Spa, a range of cleaning products specially created for all types of jetted baths.

During testing, we found that many of the whirlpool cleaning products available on the market were so low in strength they were not actually effective! So Pure-Spa Whirlpool Cleaner and Degreaser was developed to give a thorough clean, while being non-hazardous & non-corrosive. Its concentrated formula helps to remove the build-up of deposits and it is easy to use, acid free & fully biodegradable.

A cleaning regime should also include the use of Pure-Spa Whirlpool Sanitiser Tablets, which help to freshen your bath after each use. Each tub contains 30 tablets. Simply add one tablet after each bath, before you empty the water – run the system for a few minutes, drain, and you have a fresher, more hygienic bath.

Choose from single products, multiples or the Starter/Value/Bumper packs, which offer great savings!

You may also like our popular Pure-Spa Low Foam Bath Essences, which have been specially created for use in whirlpool baths. They are completely oil-free and available in 6 sensational scents.

For general bathroom cleaning try Pure-Spa Bathroom Antibacterial Spray & Wipe (recommended for whirlpool bath surfaces). For those tougher cleaning jobs, consider the Pure-Spa Bathroom Peach Power Cleaner.

In our recent survey we found that Pure-Spa customers were very satisfied with their purchases – the majority said that Pure-Spa offered the ‘best value for money compared to other brands’ and most were ‘very likely’ to buy Pure-Spa products again in the future. Why not try them for your bathroom?

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Pure-Spa, essential products for your whirlpool bath
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Pure-Spa, essential products for your whirlpool bath
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Pure-Spa, essential products for your whirlpool bath
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