New uses for household products?

Posted on September 07th 2010 in News
New uses for household products?

This week we received a delightful email from a customer who had purchased some of our Cleret squeegeesin the past and was very pleased with their quality.

She said that as well as using them on glass and tiled surfaces, she found that the Multi Purpose Wave squeegee in particular was the perfect item to use while papering walls. Its innovative design helps to smooth all the bubbles out of the wallpaper for a professional result!

As a seller of specialist household, cleaning & maintenance solutions, this made us think: what other uses have customers found for our many other products?

If you have bought a household product from us and found an amazing new use for it, please let us know!

And if you need a multi purpose squeegee (or you’re planning a spot of redecoration!) why not try the Wave squeegee for yourself? It’s just £3.75 for the 7 inch Wave, or £4.75 for the 10 inch Wave.

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New uses for household products?
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New uses for household products?
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We're really excited to have finally launched our new website!
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New uses for household products?
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