New stocks of Aleppo Soap

Posted on November 20th 2014 in News
New stocks of Aleppo Soap
The intense fighting in Syria has destroyed many of the traditional soap making factories, & finding a genuine & quality supplier of this wonderful soap has been somewhat difficult.
At one point we were worried that the fighting was making business almost impossible.
After months of uncertainty, soap samples & testing we are now satisfied that the stocks available to us are of an excellent quality & are plentiful enough to see us through for many months.
We are delighted that we can continue to support the soap making business in Syria and provide such a wonderful and natural product for our customers.

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New stocks of Aleppo Soap
Check out our new website
Posted on August 26th 2014 in News

We're really excited to have finally launched our new website!
Over thelast few months we have been working hard to rethink the Life & Home website, focussing on a new menu & navigation structure, a fresher look & some new products. What's more the site is now 'responsive' meaning it will work on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets too.

New stocks of Aleppo Soap
We have moved!!
Posted on January 02nd 2014 in News

It's been a busy Christmas for many of us as Life and Home made its big move to new premises.

New stocks of Aleppo Soap
Posted on December 12th 2013 in News

As of Monday 16th December until Thursday 2nd January, we will be experiencing disruption on ALL levels of business!