How do I clean my Air Spa bath?

How do I clean my Air Spa bath?Pure-Spa Whirlpool Cleaning fluid is primarily designed for Whirlpool Systems although it can also be very effective in Air Spa baths.

An Air Spa bath will either have a series of small air jets with tubes connected at the base of the bath, or there will be a series of small pinprick holes in the bottom of the bath from which air bubbles will rise.

If you have an Air Spa system check that there is a blow dry function to drive excess water from the pipes after use. This will help to keep the system clean as it should dry out the pipework after use.

When using the cleaning fluid in a Air Spa bath take care not to leave the Air blower on for too long as the solution will foam up more rapidly. We would suggest dosing the bath with a smaller amount of cleaning fluid than as directed on the bottle and letting it stand for some time before draining and rinsing as directed. Be sure to rinse the bath with fresh water and then activate the blower to dry out the system after use if this isn't automatic.

We would recommend using the sanitising tablets as normal in order to mimimise the growth of bacteria in the system.