So why do I need a shower squeegee?

So why do I need a shower squeegee?So, why do I need a shower squeegee...?
Isn't it ironic that when we need a bath we use one of the least sanitary areas in most homes... the shower or bath tub. This area is a haven for mildew and many other undesirable elements, unless it is cleaned after each bath. That's because as the water dries it "traps" human skin scales, body oils, hair, soap residue and dirt forming the "infamous," unsightly and unsanitary water spots on glass shower doors, tile, etc.

The quickest and best way to help reduce the accumulation of these materials is to use a squeegee immediately after showering before the water has a chance to dry. And, believe it or not, the procedure takes just seconds.
Dual Blade Squeegees
Dual patented wiping blades for exceptional performance on flat and contoured or curved surfaces, i.e. tile, marble Ergonomic design to reduce wrist strain.May be placed on end for easy storage

So why do I need a shower squeegee?Single blade Squeegees Shower Squeegees
Single wiping blade produces extraordinary results on flat surfaces. The perfect choice for those who prefer a squeegee with a "handle" and do not need the added performance achieved with the Contemporary models.

Window Squeegees
The Clerét iDO Windows squeegees for cleaning windows and glass are the perfect choice for those who need a good squeegee to clean easy to reach windows, patio doors and mirrors.

Dual Wiping Blades Vs. Single Wiping Blade Shower Squeegees
Unlike most squeegees, our dual bladed models (Contemporary Style) are designed to clean water from contoured, irregular, curved and flat surfaces. Our single bladed models provide extraordinary performance when used on flat surfaces. See illustration.
So why do I need a shower squeegee?