Removing dye transfer from light coloured leather.

Removing dye transfer from light coloured leather.Dye Transfer is the dyestuff transferred to leather from clothing or newsprint.
It is more usually seen on light coloured, protected, leathers but it can occur on any leather, though not as noticeably. If noticed early enough it can be successfully removed from most pigment coated leather with the Soft Cleaner. If the cleaning process does not resolve the problem it will be necessary to call in an experienced technician as early as possible. The longer the dye sits in/on the leather the harder it will be to remove.
Using a protection cream will help to inhibit dye transfer as the dye will sit on the protector and not on the finish of the leather. This also makes it much easier to clean off.

Owners of pale and off-white suites are recommended to adopt a gentle regular cleaning and protecting regime.
If a grey/blue tinge is evident on the leather that does not disappear with light cleaning (Soft Cleaner) try a stronger product (such as Leather Master Strong Cleaner Wipes or the Leather master StayBrite Kit). If this works, revert back to the soft cleaner for your regular cleaning but use more often and always finish with a coat of protection cream. If the grey/blue tinge remains after cleaning, finish with protection cream and call a technician. Avoid using the furniture whilst wearing jeans (denim) or other clothing that has non fast dye stuff.