How to identify your leather

You need to know what type of leather you have in order to choose the correct types of cleaning and care products.

There are three basic types of leather.

Type P - Pigmented Leather - This is the most commonly available leather, Its pigments leather & has a uniform appearance and colour and a definite pattern (grain).

Type A - Aniline Leather Aniline leathers are top quality, soft natural leathers in which the actual surface grain markings of the true leather (hide) are visible. They have no protective treatments applied & are very soft and absorbent. Type A includes Pull Ups: There are two catoglories of pull up - Wax and Oil. Oil Pull ups are found on aniline leathers only, giving the leather a wet oil look and feel. The wax pull up finish can be applied over aniline or pigmented leather. This will leave a slick gloss feel and sheen to the surface of the leather.

Type N - Nubuck Leather -These are natural Aniline leathers that have been surface brushed or buffed on the grain side of the leather creating a nap and leaving a texture similar to velvet .
For more details please see our download sheet: Leather Types