How to maintain your Spa Filter Cartridge

Maintaining your Filter Cartridge 

Pleatco Filters are designed to keep your hot tub water crystal clear for up to twelve months when used in conjunction with a proper maintenance regime.

Our recommendation is as follows:
  • Check your spa manual for the manufacturers instructions on how to remove your filter
  • Clean the filter every two weeks
  • Firstly you should remove the physical debris, this should be done using water pressure either from a hose or a specialised cartridge cleaning tool
  • Pleatco filters are compatible with most proprietary cleaning products or no-foaming degreasers such as dishwasher detergent - They should be left to soak for a minimum of one hour (preferably overnight). We recommend using a Filter cleaning powder like Pure-Spa Powder Filter Cleaner or Pure-Spa Filter Cleaner MAX
  • Before refitting the cartridge, always rinse thoroughly and if possible allow to dry.

Rotation Method
For best results Pleatco recommend using two cartridges in rotation, with one in service in the hot tub and one on standby. This will allow you to leave the out of service filter soaking in detergent for 24 to 48 hours, thoroughly removing any residues from it, and give it ample time to dry out fully before being refitted. Allowing the filter to fully dry will improve its performance upon being refitted.