Carpet & Upholstery cleaning products

We all know how mucky feet (and paws) can leave your carpets and furniture looking past their prime. To keep them in top condition they need regular cleaning.

But ordinary cleaning solutions can cause stain damage, so make sure you're on the safe side by using cleaning products that are specially designed for the job.

Foaming shampoo

Foaming shampoo is a great product to remove dirt from carpets and upholstery. Unlike many other products, it won't leave sticky residue that attracts more dirt.

Spot stain remover

Spot stain remover is a very aggressive cleaner for stubborn stains.

Dried-in stain remover

Dried-in stain remover works effectively without any scrubbing so you won't damage your upholstery. Non-toxic, it breaks down into oxygen and water when dry. As with any stain remover you may need a number of applications but the results can be impressive, even on tough stains like coffee, tea and blood.

Oil, ink and shoe polish spotting wipes

To deal with really tough stains like oil, ink and shoe polish, you'll need to get hold of some specialised spotting wipes. If used on a stain quickly, these can remove stains before they have a chance to dry and set.

This article was supplied courtesy of Homeserve