Aleppo Soap - Premium Aleppo Gold Olive Oil & 15% Laurel Soap

Large 200g+ hand-cut bar (Various Pack Sizes Available)

Aleppo Soap - Premium Aleppo Gold Olive Oil & 15% Laurel Soap

Large 200g+ hand-cut bar (Various Pack Sizes Available)
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Product Description

Premium quality Aleppo Gold Olive Oil and Laurel Soap Extra Large hand cut bar with approx 15% Laurel (Bay Leaf Extract)
Aleppo was once home to some of the finest Olive Oil Soap producers in Syria.
These wonderful soaps are still made using ancient techniques, with no animal fats or nasty chemicals and only 100% natural ingredients.
The traditional soap blocks are hand cut & stamped, then aged to form a deep golden crust with an olive green centre.

Note: We have new stock of this soap which may differ slightly in shape and colour from the image shown.

How is Aleppo Soap made?

In a skilled process, olive oil is converted to soap (saponified) and then bay leaf extract (laurel) is added and the product is spread out to solidify before being cut by hand into rectangular bars and individually stamped. The bars are then dried in huge aerated stacks for several months after production and the outer surface of the olive green soap goes a gentle brown through oxidation.

  • Extra large bar of  premium quality Aleppo Gold olive oil & laurel soap.
  • Average size of bar 200g-240g (as they dry out the weight reduces)
  • Hand Cut & Stamped
  • Contains approx 15% Laurel Oil.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No added chemicals
  • Contains NO animal fat,
  • Suitable for all skin types, Won't dry out the skin

Saponified Olive Oil, Bay leaf (Laurel) extract (strength approx 15%), Water, Mineral Salts, Caustic soda (pot ash)

Genuine Aleppo Soap
This soap is genuine Aleppo Soap made using traditional techniques, perfected through centuries.
Please also note that the soap has been tested and meets the requirements of the EU cosmetic directive.
Please contact us if you require further information.

More Info

Aleppo soaps are used in some of the finest Spa Houses & Turkish baths all over the world. 
The Aleppo Gold range of soaps were traditionally made by hand in the oldest inhabited city in the world - Aleppo
Natural ingredients, and hundreds of years of expertise and tradition still go into creating this soft, creamy soap renowned for its efficacy. 
Unlike most "high street" soaps it contains no animal fats.
Aleppo Gold hand cut bars are not moulded or polished; they contain no unnecessary additives or animal fats, just mild luxurious soap made from olive oil with the addition of bay leaf (Laurel) extract. 
This soap comes in Extra large hand-cut bars weighing between 200g - 240g.
You can easily cut them into smaller bars if you wish!

Olive Oil, Bay leaf (Laurel) extract (strength approx 15%), Water, Caustic soda (pot ash)

Chemical Analysis (Note this is not a list of ingredients but a chemical analysis on the finished soap)
The Basis of all Solid Olive Oils Soaps by our producer:
88.6% Total Oils,
88.6% Olive Oil,
8.2% Moisture, 
0.21% Free Alkali,
0.72% Chlorides as NaCl
0.13% Insoluble in alcohol  
0.92% Unsaponifiable matter

The Manufacturing Process
Aleppo Olive Oil soap can only be manufactured during the cooler months of December through to March.
Over the centuries the relatively simple manufacturing process has not changed much. During the course of each soap making process approx 5 tons of soap are manufactured each time. Olive-oil is mixed together with a caustic soda solution in big cauldrons. Originally the necessary caustic soda was extracted from the ashes of desert plants, especially the Salsola Kali. Nowadays industrial caustic soda is being used.
The mix is then heated up to about 220 degrees/celsius and stirred until the oilve-oil has been totally reduced to Glycerine and SodiumHydroxide.
Just before the end of the process the essential laurier-oil is added. Herewith the process of saponification comes to its end.
The remainders of the lye is being drained from the cauldron and the soap-solution is washed thoroughly with fresh water until it is totally free from lye.
After the remaining water has been drained the still fluid soap will rest over night to cool down.

Making the bars of soap
Next the light green, still fluid, soap is spread evenly onto a well prepared floor. After curing for a couple of hours the crude soap is cut manually into bars.
Each bar is then be stamped with the official (arabic speaking) seal of the factory .                                                                                                                                                                                

Drying the soap bars
Before the soap can be offered for sale it needs to mature for at least 6-8 months. Traditionally the bars were stacked up in the historic arches of Aleppo. The bars need to be stacked in a specific manner to allow air to flow around every single bar in order to let the surface of the soap become encrusted.
The skin of each bar will then oxidize from olive-green to the typical ochre color whilst most of the inside remains green.

Customer Reviews
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Customer Reviews

Perfect ingredients for a perfect result !!!! highly recommend!

Reviewed by Valerio

Instant complexion improvment. Highly recommended for acne prone skin. Been struggling with some sort of nasty forehead spots for a long while now, after washing with aleppo soap twice a day (twice in the evening as wanted to make sure my make up is removed properly) my acne is gone! however, need to make sure I use it on daily basis as if my daily routine is skipped even once, spots are instantly back... insane! :-) way better than aloe vera or manuka honey soap from holland and barrett! natural, not strong, gray soap kind of smell if it makes any sense. When washing your face avoid contact with eyes as it's very irritating (perhaps my eyes are very sensitive tho)!! highly recommend!

Reviewed by Marta K

Great soap, perfectly cleanses the skin not causing desiccation

Reviewed by moni

This is the best Allepo soap you can buy, personally I stick with the traditional bars as they last longer. They literally leave you squeaky clean. If you suffer from dry skin or excema like I do then this soap really helps. For me its nailed it, no more dry skin.

Reviewed by Marcus

I think the product is absolutely fantastic and so glad I found this site with decent prices. My 4-year-old niece has extremely bad eczema and his mother was thrilled to the soap did good to his skin. It looks and smells natural and not artificial or damaging like other soaps. I did find that the soap left my skin slightly dry, but I'm not sure whether that's because of my skin! Nevertheless, it is a must-try! Thankyou Syrian soap makers and thankyou Life and Home!

Reviewed by Deena

Amazing soap! I use it for everythings, as well as my husband. Best product ever encountered.

Reviewed by Nicoleta
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Questions & Answers

Is this soap still made in Aleppo during the terrible civil war there?

Asked by Richard

Do you ship to Australia if so how mivh for a 1kg package to 2482 NSW? Kind regardsTrish

Asked by Patricia Paul
Hello, thank you for your question. We can ship to Australia but usually the postage is too high. The cheapest option I can find for a 1Kg is 22 via Royal Mail. Please let me know if you would like any further info.
Response from Rosie
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