Oven Mate Gel - 500ml

Easy to apply, Fume Free, Powerful Oven Cleaner

Oven Mate Gel - 500ml

Easy to apply, Fume Free, Powerful Oven Cleaner
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Product Description
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Product Description
  • Biodegradable oven cleaner with no acid smell.
  • Perfect for removing even the most stubborn baked-on grease, oil and fat from grills, barbecues, pans ad ovens.
  • This powerful cleaner involves no hard scrubbing - Simply paint it on with the brush provided and watch it get to work !
  • The powerful formulation absorbs DOUBLE its weight in grease, oil and fat - and because of its viscous nature 'it cleans where it clings' to oven walls.

Oven Mate Gel is recommended by the Good Housekeeping Institute as their top-performing oven cleaner.  It was also tested by Which? Magazine, gaining the highest marks of all oven cleaners tested, and awarded their best buy in April 2010. 
The thick gel formulation is easy to apply - simply paint on with the brush provided, then watch the gel turn brown as it eats grease and burnt on food in your oven.  Unlike spray cleaners, you can control exactly where you want to apply the gel, and unlike liquid cleaners, it will cling onto your oven sides and oven racks.  It is also fume-free. 
No need to ventilate your kitchen while the gel does its work - and it will leave no nasty fumes once it has been cleaned off.

Oven Mate can be used on ovens, oven racks, barbeques, grill pans and on your hob. 
It is safe to use on vitreous enamel roasting pans and surfaces, and on glass and pyrex. 
Do not use on alumimium or non-stick surfaces, and do not allow it to come into contact with rubber seals on oven doors. 
Oven Mate will eat paint, so take care if using anywhere where there are printed instructions on the suface, as it may lift these. 
Please note, if you are in doubt about any surface, including metal surfaces, or are unsure as to what the material is, do a patch test first with a small drop in an inconspicuous area

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Oven Mate Gel - Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions:

1. Shake the bottle well before use.

2. Spread Oven Mate Cleaning Gel evenly with the brush provided. As a guide, spread the same thickness of Oven Mate as the material to be removed.

3. Leave Oven Mate Gel working until it turns brown. This could take between 3 minutes and 3 hours.

4. Wipe off residue with a cloth.

5. If material to be cleaned is not fully removed, repeat actions 2-4 until satisfied.


1. Do not allow Oven Mate Gel to drip on any other surface whilst applying.

2. Not for use on aluminium, brass, copper, anodised, teflon coated or painted materials.

3. Oven Mate Gel Cleaner can be used on oven glass windows, but do not allow to spread or drip on to rubber seals.

4. Do not use Oven Mate when oven is hot.

5. Not for use on self-clean surfaces in self-clean ovens.

6. Reference should always be made to the manufacturers recommended instructions for cleaning.

Oven Mate is a powerful cleaner and you must wear gloves when applying the gel, and when removing it.  If you get some on your skin, rinse off immediately.  It 'eats' organic matter - and that includes skin!  When applying to racks or trays, make sure you protect your worksurface first.  Don't use try to protect the worksurface just with newspaper or kitchen roll, as Oven Mate will damage anything made from wood fibre -  cover newspaper with a couple of layers of non-biodegradeable plastic bags to ensure that worksurfaces are protected properly. 

To use, paint directly on to the grease and burnt on food.  We recommend that you apply ta layer of gel to the same thickness as the gunge you want to clear.  Leave it to work - it can take as little as 10 minutes on light burns, or up to 3 hours and sometimes more, depending on how thick the carbonised matter is.  The easiest way is simply to paint on before you go to bed and let Oven Mate do the hard work while you sleep.

Wipe off the gel using kitchen towel and throw away.  You may find it useful to slightly dampen the kitchen towel to remove the last traces of oven mate.  The gel will be brown, and you will be able to see when your oven is clean, as there will be no traces of brown gel on your dampened kitchen roll.  Your oven will be left sparkling.  Remember to wear gloves when removing the gel - it can still cause a burn if you get it on your skin.

If you have used Oven Mate on your roasting pans, or any other pan that comes into direct contact with food, wash in warm soapy water before using again to ensure no trace of Oven Mate comes into contact with food.

Oven Mate may safely be used with septic tank systems if you clean off the gel using kitchen towels as described, rather than wiping gel away with a reusable cloth, and flushing the gel down the sink.  As with any corrosive cleaner or bleach, the less you flush into the septic tank system, the better.

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Customer Reviews

This is a very good oven cleaner and non toxic. Easy to use, very effective & I love that it's bio degradable

Reviewed by sarah
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