Pure-Spa Chlorine Granules Stabilised (Dichlor)

1kg Tub

Pure-Spa Chlorine Granules Stabilised (Dichlor)

1kg Tub
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Product Description

Stabilised Chlorine Granules (Dichlor)
Spa water must be treated with a sanitiser such as Chlorine in order to kill off bacteria.

Dichlor is a granular form of stabilised chlorine donor giving about 55% available chlorine.
This product is Similar to brands such as: Sunspot Spa Stabilised Chrlorine Granules, SpaGuard Chlorinated Concentrate.

Contains: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate.

Levels should be checked regularly.
Maintain between 2-5ppm residual chlorine.
To increase by 1ppm (mg/l) of available chlorine add 1.8g of Dichlor to 1000 litre of pool water.
Maintain the pH between 7.2 and 7.6

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Stabilised chlorine granules (Dichlor) are used very widely to chlorinate swimming pool water. The features, benefits and disadvantages are described below.

Stabilised chlorine granules (Dichlor) features

Stabilized chlorine granules (Dichlor) dissolve in water to give not only the free chlorine (hypochlorous acid) that sanitises, but also isocyanuric acid.
Stabilised chlorine granules (Dichlor) contain 56% available chlorine.
Most commonly supplied as a granule, but can be tabletised.
Probably the most commonly used form of chlorine for smaller domestic pools.
45gm Dichlor will raise the free chlorine level of 25,000 lt water by 1 mg/litre (part per million).

Free chlorine is tested with DPD1 tablets, Total Chlorine is tested with DPD3 tablets. The combined chlorine value is obtained by subtracting the free chlorine value from the total chlorine value

Stabilised chlorine granules (Dichlor) benefits

Unlike liquid sodium hypochlorite, it is in a granular form, and is stable on a long term basis when kept in cool dry conditions in a closed container.
Because it does not contain calcium, it can be used to sanitise hard water without increasing the calcium hardness
It is reasonably close to neutral when dissolved in water and therefore requires less pH correction than trichlor and calcium or sodium hypochlorite
The use of stabilised chlorine granules (Dichlor) adds isocyanuric acid to the pool water which resists chlorine loss from the effects of bright sunlight

Stabilised chlorine granules (Dichlor) disadvantages

Because it is a weak oxidising agent and contains stabiliser, Dichlor is not suitable for shock dosing
Excess stabiliser can build up in the water causing the chlorine to become "locked" and unavailable for sanitising. The isocyanuric acid level should be maintained between 50 to 100 mg/litre

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